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Introduction to Goodness Me Goodness You

Introducing Goodness, Me, Goodness You! – Fostering Young Minds and Hearts

We are delighted to introduce you to the Goodness Me, Goodness You! (GMGY) programme. The GMGY programme is taught in our Kerry Education and Training Board Community National Schools alongside the National Primary School Curriculum.

GMGY: Enabling Holistic Development

GMGY is dedicated to cultivating responsible citizens who can thrive both locally and globally. This programme places a strong emphasis on nurturing critical thinking, sparking imagination, and instilling profound respect for a diverse range of beliefs and values encountered in the learning environment. By doing so, GMGY equips your child with the skills and attitudes needed to engage thoughtfully and responsibly in the world.

GMGY seeks to create a learning community that is built on respect and inclusivity, where your child’s beliefs and values are not only acknowledged but also celebrated. We believe that the collaboration between parents and the school is essential in creating a rich and nurturing educational environment.

The GMGY programme places great importance on fostering active community engagement among children. We encourage students to actively participate in their local communities, enabling them to form meaningful connections with their immediate surroundings. This symbiotic relationship between the school and the community is pivotal for your child’s education. It not only enriches their learning experience but also instils a sense of belonging and social responsibility that extends beyond the classroom.

GMGY has four fundamental objectives, each designed to enable your child’s personal and social development. The programme aims to help children cultivate a confident and positive self-identity, understand and appreciate their core values, nurture their psychological and emotional well-being, and foster a deep respect for the diversity of beliefs that shape their lives and the lives of others. Through these objectives, GMGY seeks to empower your child to navigate life with empathy, self-assuredness, and an appreciation for the richness of human diversity.

GMGY represents a unique programme, characterised by its multi-belief and inclusive nature. It endeavours to facilitate a deeper understanding of a child’s sense of identity and belonging in the world.

Here is an overview of the curriculum’s components:

My Stories: This strand is all about building a strong sense of self and belonging. Children are encouraged to feel valued and secure, fostering a foundation for their learning journey. Autonomy and self-discovery are at the heart of this element.

We Are a Community National School: With a values-led approach, this strand helps children understand their values, promoting concepts like equality, self-identity, citizenship, democracy, justice, and human rights. It’s about creating active citizens with positive self-esteem.

Thinking Time: This is all about nurturing critical thinking and emotional skills. A CNS aims to facilitate pupils understanding of their own ideas and those of others. Philosophy helps children to reflect and think deeply about their place in their community, society and globally as well as about their well-being and those around them.

Beliefs and Religions: GMGY employs a multi-denominational approach to religious education, emphasising inter-belief harmony and respect for all. It doesn’t impose any specific belief but encourages children to understand and respect various worldviews.

GMGY is not just an educational programme; it is a commitment to the holistic development of your child. In GMGY, we do not merely teach; we nurture young minds and hearts, instilling values and a profound sense of community, respect, and understanding.

When your child is a part of GMGY, they are not just acquiring knowledge; they are evolving into conscientious and compassionate members of society.

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