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Programme Delivery and Assessment

Programme Delivery and Assessment

Kerry ETB is required in accordance with Section 30 of the Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012, to request approval of it’s Quality Assurance Procedures.

The Quality Assurance Governance Board is responsible for maintaining and developing the standards of Kerry ETB programmes. The Programme Governance Board is responsible for the oversight, planning, coordination, development and quality of Kerry ETB programmes. The board oversees all programme developments, however, it’s role and responsibilities do not apply directly to apprenticeship programmes. The governance of apprenticeship programmes is managed by the relevant National Apprenticeship Programme Boards.

The Programme Governance Board reviews reports on teaching and learning from the Quality Assurance Governance Board and makes recommendations for quality improvement to the FET Quality Council. The Programme Governance Board also agrees with the panel of External Authenticators and submits details of the panel to the FET Quality Council for ratification.

The Training Standards Office monitors the conduct of assessment for courses delivered at Kerry College Monavalley Campus. PLC Principals oversee the conduct of assessment for programmes delivered at their colleges, whilst the Adult Education Officer oversees the assessment process for programmes delivered at FET Centres.

KETB is still working towards the development of common assessment procedures that will apply across both FE and training. QA procedures for assessment (currently in pilot phase):

Approval of course results takes place at local Results Approval Panel meetings for ratification of the FET Quality Council. The QA Unit reviews course feedback from learners which will be presented to the Quality Assurance Governance Board and the FET Quality Council. As previously stated, courses under the VTOS and Youthreach funding strand complete a formal self-evaluation under the National Internal Centre Evaluation (ICE) process, which incorporates a more systematic course review and recording of learner feedback.

The National Commis Chef Apprenticeship and the Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship Programmes operate under the assessment procedure established under the Quality Assurance Procedures for new Apprenticeship Programmes. Kerry ETB is finalising new assessment procedures for Further Education and Training (excluding new Apprenticeship Programmes), drawing from development work undertaken with partner ETB’s through ETBI. Consultation is underway on the assessment process (specifically how best to implement new procedures for FET) – with a view to new assessment procedures operating across all centres from September 2019.

The Commis Chef Apprenticeship and the Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship operate under the Assessment Procedures established under the Quality Assurance Procedures for new National Apprenticeship Programmes.

Programme Specific Assessment Strategies apply to each new Apprenticeship Programme. The National Programme Boards devise assessment tasks (and marking criteria) for each new apprenticeship programme and ensure a consistent approach applies across multiple centres and providers. Programme Specific Arrangements are also in place for the interface for work-based assessment consulted by employer-based personnel.

Separate National Examination Boards are established for each new apprenticeship programme, reporting to the Quality Council. These Examination Boards ratify the results of the respective National Apprenticeship Programme. The results are formally approved by the Kerry ETB Quality Council.

It is the intention of Kerry ETB to operate and maintain a consistent approach to assessment across all centres, and all courses. New assessment instruments will be externally authenticated and approved by the Programme Governance Board. The standardisation of assessment instruments and peer review will have an important role to play in establishing such consistency of approach across the service:

  • Specific criteria will be set for each validated programme and particular assessment instruments associated with each programme developed
  • Data will be prepared by the Quality Assurance Unit to inform the development and improvement of quality assured assessment practice, including the assessment instruments- their design, application, review and modification
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