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Programme Approval, Development and Ratification

Kerry ETB delivers programmes leading to Major, Special Purpose and Advanced Certificates, together with programmes leading to non-QQI awards. A structured application process applies to the proposal to deliver new programmes in a given centre.

Application Process to Deliver a New Programme:

  • Information on the resource and staff requirements is reviewed by the FET Management Group in order to establish whether the proposal is ready to proceed to the Programme Governance Board.
  • The FET Management Group recommends the proposal to the Programme Governance Board.
  • When a proposal is approved by the Programme Governance Board a working group is formed, coordinated by the QA Unit.
  • The Programme Governance Board approves all documentation for ratification by the Quality Council prior to the submission to the awarding body for validation.

Kerry ETB recognises the importance of the separation of programme design and approval. There are two defined points regarding the submission of documentation for validation where governance is required:

  1. Approval of a proposal to develop a programme
  2. Approval of the documentation to be submitted to the awarding body

Kerry ETB intends to strengthen this process through considering the outputs from programme reviews in related fields of learning. To this end, Kerry ETB will begin a scheduled review of existing programmes in 2019- examining monitoring outputs and identifying aspects of programmes, which work well, and areas where improvement is needed. Programme Review groups will be established associated with Kerry ETB validated programmes. Engagement in programme review over the period 2018-22 will strengthen the capacity of subject matter experts and assist the Programme Governance Board in making informed decisions in respect of the approval process. The scheduled review of existing programmes (2018-2022) will also involve considering modifications and amendments – particularly those that may have significant implications.

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