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Quality Assurance Decision-Making Fora

Purpose of Kerry ETB’s Governance System

Kerry ETB’s governance system ensures that all teaching and learning and associated services are quality assured including work based learning and assessment.

Structure of Kerry ETB’s Governance system

The overarching governance unit is the Quality Council. The Quality Council has two sub-committees – the Quality Assurance Governance Board and the Programme Governance Board. Terms of reference for all three governance units have been developed.

Membership and operation

Details on membership and operations are included in the terms of reference of each governance unit.  Kerry ETB is taking the opportunity to maximise external involvement in its governance, as evidenced by the membership of its Quality Council.


  • Chairperson – Brendan Touhy, former Secretary General of the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources
  • Secretariat – Owen O Donnell , Director of FET, assisted by AEO/QA Officer, Bernadette Corridan
  • Staff Member Kerry College Clash Campus – Engineering Teacher – John Skinner
  • Staff Member Kerry College Monavalley Campus – Medical Secretary Traineeship Instructor – Mary Jo Staunton
  • Staff Member Coordinator Killarney VTOS – VTOS Co-ordinator – Mary O’Connor
  • Staff Member Kerry College Clash Campus  – Principal – Mary Lucey
  • Staff Member Kerry College Clash Campus – Principal – Stephen Goulding
  • Staff Member Training Centre – Manager – Con O’Sullivan (Commis Chef Programme Board Representative)
  • Staff Member FET Centres – AEO – Shivaun Shanahan
  • ETBI Representative – Quality Assurance Manager – Jenny Conroy
  • Industry representative – Hotelier – Michael Vaughan

The QA Unit will work to support the coordination and management of the governance system.

Quality Council Meeting Notes

Governance Documentation

Kerry ETB has:

  • The terms of reference for its governance units, including membership appointment and rotation; agenda management; and review and evaluation

FET Quality Council Terms of Reference

Programme Governance Board Terms of Reference

National Programme Board Terms of Reference

Quality Governance Board Terms of Reference

QA Unit

The QA Unit reports directly to the Director of FET. It is the first port of call for awarding bodies and communicates information received from awarding bodies to Kerry ETB governance units and centres. All communications between Kerry ETB and awarding bodies must come through the QA Unit.

The unit has four key functions:

  • Functions in respect of QA policy and procedure
    a) Agreeing a schedule for QA policy and procedure development and review, based on consideration of internal and external priorities
    b) Ensuring that QA policies and procedures are developed in accordance with an agreed process of drafting and consultation
    c) Ensuring that QA policies and procedures have regard to the requirements of all awarding bodies
    d) Ensuring that QA policies and procedures are submitted to the relevant governance units in accordance with their terms of reference
    e) Ensuring agreed policies and procedures are accessible externally and internally
    f) Arranging the provision of briefing and training, as appropriate, to support the implementation of agreed QA policies and procedures
    g) Gathering feedback across centres on the implementation of agreed QA policies and procedures
  • A function in respect of Kerry ETB programmes:
    a) Managing the development of programmes following programme proposal approval
    b) Ensuring that programme development documentation meets the relevant procedures of the awarding body
    c) Developing a schedule for programme review and ensuring it is undertaken in accordance with the procedures of the relevant awarding body
    d) Conducting analyses of programme data
  • A function in respect of assessment
    a) Collating data from the authentication process (IV and EA)
    b) Completing grade analysis for benchmarking reports
    c) Presenting the outcomes of RAP and Examination Board meetings to governance for ratification
    d) Synthesising the analysis of outcomes provided by the RAP and Examination Board meetings
  • A function in respect of monitoring and review
    a) Developing a schedule for service reviews
    b) Synthesising the analysis received from centres on learner feedback
    c) Coordinating the self-evaluation of the ETB in preparation for external review
    d) Tracking and reporting on agreed actions following monitoring and review outcomes


The QA Unit also has responsibilities in respect of governance, risk management and disseminating good practice:


  • Working with the Secretaries of governance units to schedule agenda items as per agreed terms of reference
    a) Providing reports to governance units as per their terms of reference
    b) Liaising with Secretaries on the management of, and coordination between, governance units to ensure that terms of reference are agreed, any amendments to terms of reference are recorded and are approved by the Quality Council
    c) Ensuring that members are appointed and vacancies that arise for any reason are filled and that membership is rotated in accordance with the terms of reference
    d) The outcomes of decisions travel from one governance unit to the other, as per their agreed term of reference
    e) The governance unit has an opportunity to provide feedback on its performance
    f) Any reports required by the Quality Council from its sub-committees are received

Risk Management

  • Contribute to the risk register of Kerry ETB

Good Practice

  • Serve as a vehicle for gathering, sharing, and highlighting good practice in conjunction with centres

Relationship with Centres

The QA Unit place a strong emphasis on building an understanding of the implementation of QA policies and procedures as part of continuous improvement. The unit’s relationship with centres is a mutual one- premised on providing mutual support in a multi-layered governance environment.

QA Unit


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