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Self-evaluation and Monitoring


In 2017 Kerry ETB introduced a process of formal self-evaluation to judge levels of effectiveness and agree activity modification. An Executive Self Evaluation was completed and 5 priority areas identified for development and improvement:

  1. Governance & Management of Quality
  2. Delivery of FET
  3. Learner Experience
  4. Information & Data Management
  5. Other Parties Involved in Education & Training

The self-evaluation process recorded current arrangements in place for governance and quality management and captured the way in which these arrangements relate to the new QA governance, policies and procedures currently under development.

Self Evaluation Report (ESER) and associated Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) formed the basis of a Specific Purpose Dialogue Meeting (SPDM) with QQI in February 2018. QQI noted that Kerry ETB’s ESER and QIP demonstrated full awareness that Core and Sector-Specific Statutory Quality Assurance Guidelines underscore Kerry ETB’s responsibilities for quality assurance of FET. Kerry ETB commenced putting in place FET governance structures in January 2018. The timeframe for development and improvement of the 5 priority areas spans a 3-4-year period- and is mapped to the Kerry ETB Strategy Statement 2018-2022.

A further dialogue meeting between Kerry ETB and QQI took place in May 2019 to discuss Kerry ETB’s progress in addressing the identified areas of improvement in the QIP. Kerry ETB has identified areas for focus in 2019 in and Annual Quality Improvement Plan for 2019, based on its current status of actions set out in its Quality Improvement Progress Report.

Kerry ETB will continue to use outputs from its self-evaluation processes to support future dialogue meetings with QQI- bringing a focus to discussions on levels of effectiveness and modifications to achieve improvement to further education and training and related services. Outputs will continue to be published –promoting transparency and supporting public confidence for all stakeholders.


It is the intention of Kerry ETB to extend monitoring and review to all FET programmes.

Programme specific monitoring arrangements are in place for new Apprenticeships. The Kerry ETB Quality Council has established National Programme Boards for the Commis Chef Apprenticeship and the Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship. These boards report annually to the Quality Council on outcomes of monitoring and review. Data on entry standards, demographics, apprentice feedback, attendance, assessment and job placement (as collated by the National Programme Coordinator) are compiled for each Programme Board to assist them in their monitoring and review role

The Programme Governance Board has a monitoring and review role in respect of Kerry ETB Programmes:

  • Monitor the on-going operation of programmes and carry out evaluations
  • Recommend improvements to programmes arising out of the monitoring and review process to the Quality Council, and in turn ensure that the councils approved recommendations are implemented
  • Monitor examination and continuous assessment results
  • Ensure an appropriate mix of learning modes and associated assessment methods are in place for programmes
  • Examine the effectiveness of support services and make recommendations on the use of existing resources and the need for new resources

The Quality Assurance Governance Board has a monitoring and review role in respect of Kerry ETB:

  • Developing a schedule of quality reviews (programme and service)
  • Receiving reports on follow-up actions arising from quality review and reporting to the FET Quality Council on issues or recommendations arising
  • Ensuring that follow-up actions arising from quality reviews are being undertaken and reported to the FET Quality Council.

The work of the Programme Governance Board and the QA Governance Board will be supported by functions of the QA Unit:

  • Developing a schedule for programme reviews
  • Synthesising the analysis received from centres on learner feedback
  • Coordinating the self-evaluation of the ETB in preparation for external programme review
  • Tracking and reporting on agreed actions following monitoring and review outcomes


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