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Self-evaluation and Monitoring


In 2021 Kerry ETB engaged in a self evaluation process and published a Self Evaluation Report and Provider Profile as part of the QQI inaugural review of quality assurance in ETBs.  This is part of an on-going process of reflection, self-evaluation and planning for quality assurance in Further Education and Training in Kerry ETB.

In 2017, Kerry ETB completed an Executive Level Self-evaluation process, which was part of a wider process for re-engagement with QQI.  The executive level self-evaluation reported on levels of effectiveness in respect of quality assurance, and identified five priority areas for development and improvement:

  1. The Governance & Management of Quality across Further Education and Training Provision
  2. The Delivery of Further Education and Training programmes and services
  3. The Learner Experience
  4. Information & Data Management
  5. Relationships with Other Parties Involved in Education & Training

Our  Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) 2018-22 was published- addressing identified areas for improvement.  The timeframe for development and improvement of the 5 priority areas spans a 3-4-year period- and is mapped to the Kerry ETB Strategy Statement 2018-2022.  The Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) 2018-2022, defines:

  • The structures holding authority for improvement planning and governance of quality and quality enhancement
  • The structures conducting self-evaluation of programmes and services and how evidence emerging from the process informs improvement measures

Formal Dialogue Meetings with QQI

In 2018, QQI began formal dialogue meetings with Kerry ETB.  We are required; in accordance with Section 30 of The Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act 2012, to request approval of our quality assurance (QA) procedures.  The QAP for Kerry ETB Further Education and Training programmes and services were approved by QQI in June 2018.  The development of specific policies and procedures is an ongoing process- with different aspects of our QAP directly informed by QQI QA Guidelines:

  1. Core Statutory Quality Assurance Guidelines
  2. Sector Specific Statutory Quality Assurance Guidelines for Education and Training Boards
  3. Topic Specific Statutory Quality Assurance Guidelines for providers of Statutory Apprenticeship Programmes

A further dialogue meeting with QQI took place in 2019 to discuss our progress in 2018 and our plans for quality improvement in 2019.

The Quality Assurance Governance Board monitors the implementation of annual quality improvement plans and reports on its progress to the Quality Council.  The Director of Further Education and Training holds the responsibility for the approval for all associated activities and the allocation of resources associated with the implementation of the plan. The five priority areas for development and improvement identified in 2017 serve the wider frame, within which annual improvement activities sit.  Activities in any given year build on work undertaken in previous years.  The plan is now in its third year.  Our progress in 2019  are set out in the Kerry ETB Quality Improvement Plan-Progress Reporting and Planning 2020.


Monitoring and Review is a key area of focus of quality improvement activity in 2020.  The launch of the new quality review programme for ETB’s by QQI, highlighted the potential of review process to demonstrate particular sectoral level initiatives which act as drivers of quality enhancement by highlighting innovation and best practice.  The QQI review team visited us in 2021 to evaluate how we implement our QAP across our FET provision. Preparing for an Inaugural Review represents a key juncture for Kerry ETB. QQI met with 158 stakeholders over 5 days in December 2021 and May 2022 published its Inaugural Review of Kerry ETB Report.

Now, a key area of focus will be to consider our engagement methods, document our progress and the challenges encountered in implementing our  Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) 2018-22 and  Action Plan.

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