Quality Assurance

Kerry ETB is committed to quality assurance of all its programmes and services. Kerry ETB is focused on providing quality learning opportunities for all learners on further education and training courses. Quality Assurance is about quality teaching and learning as well as the governance structures that support this. Quality teaching and learning takes place in an environment where policies, procedures, planning and evaluation are clear and transparent to all.

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Teaching Staff

Kerry ETB is responsible for the quality of its staff and for providing them with a supportive environment that allows them to carry out their work effectively. A training delivery, monitoring and oversight role is a function of governance- through the Programme Governance Board and the Quality Council. Programmes are delivered by qualified staff. National agreements and procedures apply to the various grades/descriptions of staff involved in FET delivery. Specific criteria regarding the subject matter expertise required have been defined for the National Apprenticeship Commis Chef Programme and programmes leading to non QQI Awards


From 2018, specific criteria regarding subject matter expertise will be defined for all new programmes.

Kerry ETB engages with ETBI and SOLAS regarding planning for staff training at a sectoral level. The ETB also liaises with the Further Education Support Services (FESS) who schedule a number of training events specifically for FET staff and eCollege who provide online courses in the IT area. Teaching and instructing staff are notified of scheduled training/upskilling activities through Share Point. The Tralee Adult Literacy Centre (which is part of the Adult Literacy Service) has a resource room for staff with materials to support delivery of programmes in the General Learning field (NFQ Levels 1-3). The Adult Literacy Services also maintains a website providing resources for staff delivering literacy and basic education courses.

Kerry ETB will need to address how to upskill teaching and training staff so that we are best placed to respond to industry needs. It is the intention of Kerry ETB to move to providing more proactive training/upskilling activities. Training/upskilling activities will move from the ‘general’ to the ‘specific’- particularly in relation to supporting the delivery of courses that are required by industry. Kerry ETB recognises that the requirements of curriculums are not static. A particular focus has now been placed on addressing how to upskill teaching and training staff. Quality improvement planning involves a specific action to this end: 

  • Centre managers will complete an annual review of training needs of tutors/instructors which identifies specific skill gaps and records recommendations regarding how to close these gaps. Measures to close specific skills gaps will be approved by the Quality Council

Wider planning for the provision of ‘training packages’ for staff – which will (a) address industry needs and (b) respond to the individual staff needs is also underway. Through quality improvement planning, the FET Director will now maintain a central register of training/upskilling activities. The register will inform decisions regarding the allocation of ‘training packages’ to staff.

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Kerry Education and Training Board are subject to review by the Office of the Ombudsman.
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