Quality Assurance

Kerry ETB is committed to quality assurance of all its programmes and services. Kerry ETB is focused on providing quality learning opportunities for all learners on further education and training courses. Quality Assurance is about quality teaching and learning as well as the governance structures that support this. Quality teaching and learning takes place in an environment where policies, procedures, planning and evaluation are clear and transparent to all.

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Information Management

Kerry ETB uses a management information system known as the Programme and Learner Support System (PLSS). PLSS is a national SOLAS/ETBI initiative and data is hosted by SOLAS. PLSS is used to manage course information, leaner records and reporting- providing the key data on FET course outputs and outcomes. PLSS provides a secure sharing, collecting and use of data system through four portals:

  1. National Programme Database (NPD)- repository of FET programmes being delivered nationally
  2. National Course Calendar (NCC) –schedule of programmes. Data in the NCC is transferred to the Further Education Resource Hub (FETCH) website fetchcourses.ie- allowing applicants to search, view and apply for courses online
  3. Learner Database – Data from FETCH online applications is transferred into the Learner Database. Further data entered at ETB level for enrolled learners creates a secure learner record
  4. Funding Allocation Requests and Reporting System (FARR)-Kerry ETB ‘s rollout of PLSS means that centres plan courses annually in a linked system known as FARR. Data from both the NCC and Learner Database is transferred to the Funding Allocation Requests and Reporting System (FARR) and is used in SOLAS reports.

Prior to the implementation of PLSS, a number of information management systems operated at centre level. The process of phasing out of some of these legacy systems has been underway since 20016 with the intention of using a single uniform information management system to manage FET delivery.

Such uniformity will provide oversight of both current and planned provision. Since January 2018 all Kerry ETB FET courses have been scheduled in the NCC. In addition, the Learner Database, (which manages applicant referrals, learner registrations and records data for retention, completion, accreditation and progression rates) is now operational across the service.

Kerry ETB has published its Data Protection Policy. The related record retention schedule defines the period of time for the maintenance and retention of records and how they are to be archived and disposed of. Kerry ETB has appointed a Data Protection and Freedom of Information Officer to manage these processes.

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